Developers always come first. The game industry can be tough enough as it is without an overeager publisher trying to micromanage everything. Neowiz can provide stability and let developers focus on what they do best: making great games.


Developer autonomy is paramount to a game’s success. In order for a game to realize its full potential, developers need to have the freedom to work on it as they see fit and ultimately create the game they envisioned. 


Constant interaction with the gaming community is the lifeblood of any game. Developing meaningful relationships with gamers is something that we pride ourselves on.  We do this by staying highly tuned into players’ feedback online and taking a proactive approach to address their comments and concerns.


Win-win or no deal. We strive to ensure that every deal we make or partnership we enter is mutually beneficial and makes sense for both parties. Anything less is unacceptable.